Putting Down Roots


I am so grateful to be living in Tampa. Putting down roots here with Jason has been rewarding in so many ways. Having both our families here, friends, making connections with work. All good things. If you stay in one place long enough and try to do right by people, you reap what you sow.  […]

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Practice and making perfect

So Joe and Lauren got married: We were joking about how it was the social event of the season, but it really was. I got to come in for the assist with Lauren’s wedding photog and friend Janie from Life Writing Photography and shoot some details from the reception. I kept my camera on snooze […]

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Happy to be working


I wanted to write here today because I needed to, it had been a few weeks, I’ve had some work, and I wanted to write my thoughts about that. I was prepared to write about the zone system, how tough certain shots were at the wedding I assisted on recently (bright sun on the groom’s […]

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PASS, and what I really think about the past, the future, and everything else


I got the opportunity to try PASS while it’s still in beta testing, and it has cemented my direction. I’ve spent years thinking about how I want to run my photography business. I haven’t actually made myself into an LLC yet, but when I do (hopefully next month), this is what’s going to happen: I’m […]

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Shawn and Suzi got married!


      Sunday was such a beautiful day! It rained in the early afternoon for a while, and I was concerned that the wedding might get rained on, so I checked the weather and it said the rain chance would clear by 5 P.M., which was the time of the wedding. Whew. Driving from […]

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