Shawn and Suzi got married!




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Sunday was such a beautiful day! It rained in the early afternoon for a while, and I was concerned that the wedding might get rained on, so I checked the weather and it said the rain chance would clear by 5 P.M., which was the time of the wedding. Whew.

Driving from Tampa out to Lange farm took about an hour and Siri gave me two choices of routes. In her defense, I chose the shorter one, which happened to also be a gravel road for about two miles. Let’s just say the Honda Civic is not made for off-roading.

The wedding was perfect, and right as it started, some sun broke through the clouds and warmed up the entire scene. The vows were precisely the right mix of humor and true love, and the reception was one of the funnest I’ve ever been to. When a couple has been together since high school, they have an abundant amount of time to make everyone they know and come in contact with love them immensely and want to celebrate them until the party is 100% over, and that’s exactly what happened.

I also got to wear a dress and have a nice photo taken with the best man, which made my day (and my mom’s too).

Congratulations and the very best to Shawn and Suzi Lunghi!