Current work

Beercan Island, with Photoshop

The featured image of this post is just a photo of a beautiful spot that I love called Beercan Island, on the very northern tip of Longboat Key, FL. This image has absolutely nothing to do with my current work, and that’s because my current work has mostly involved taking very classy and lovely photos of women for their boyfriends/husbands for Christmas. Despite being given permission to post some of this work by one of my clients, I’d rather just keep the images between her and whomever she chooses to share them with, because once something is on the internet, it’s there forever, and we all need to be careful about that.

I’ve enjoyed this new and unexpected genre of work. As women, we all have insecurities about our bodies to varying degrees, and being pretty aware (and on some days, in control) of my own, I definitely understand how this can be an awkward session for even the most confident of women. Regardless of relationship status or outcome, it’s my hope that these women I’ve worked with will love these photos of themselves for themselves first, because that is hopefully the foundation of this type of work, even though what prompted them to do it in the first place was the idea that the photos were “for” someone else. I hope they are proud that they were able to get through the session and I hope that they are proud of how they look. Because they should be- they’re beautiful!