The day of Thanks

  • My sister-in-law Chris always has a ton of decorations out for the holidays.
  • Thank you for all the leftover turkey sandwiches you provide us, bird.
  • There are few occasions to use an electric knife. This is one of those occasions.
  • Yep! We love each other.
  • My mom and her fiance! That just happened. It's awesome
  • From left, Stephen, Rusty, Chris, and Billy. And Bailey the dog!
  • I'm a sap for Christmas trees. Get it?
  • It's good to be with family.
  • Bailey gets a belly rub from Len.
  • She wasn't actually about to bite him, but that's sure what it looked like!
  • She looks like a pillow.
  • Standard after every Thanksgiving.


Here are some of my favorites from Thanksgiving yesterday. Of course I wish that all of my family could get together more often, but the fact that we can count on each other on important days like Thanksgiving proves how thankful we are for each other without having to really say it. I’m always happy to get everyone off the couch and onto the lawn to get a group shot. I’ve taken several of these over the years.

This latest installment is courtesy of some radio triggers and a large white translucent umbrella on my flash for soft light. My brother’s house is always beautifully lit for the holidays, and I’ve missed seeing it. ¬†Regardless of whatever comes of my photographic business ventures, I will have photographed the history of my family, and that is a pretty excellent life’s work.