Thanksgiving prep!


About six months ago we requested today off because we knew we’d be doing some baking, and I decided to use today’s goods for some photo ops. Last year, I was still working for Starbucks and didn’t get home from work until almost midnight. Somehow we managed to churn out 3 pumpkin cheesecakes (recipe here) in the wee hours, and went to bed around 4 am. I didn’t really want to do that again.

We got shopping done Monday and had everything we needed. We decided to only make 1 pumpkin cheesecake, mainly because my family are dessert sissies and never eat an adequate amount of pie, so last year we were stuck with about 2.75 cheesecakes left over, and it was awesome for about a week, then we still had one left. It was a bit too much. This year, there can be only one:

Boonie also made his peanut butter bacon cookies. Everyone always looks at us funny when we  tell them there is bacon in these, but then they try one and they get it.

Since we only made one cheesecake, we had half a can of pumpkin puree left over. I did a quick google search for an easy pumpkin bread, and found this recipe on Since we don’t have a bread pan, we made muffins instead, per the directions. They are nice and spicy, dense and not too sweet. They will go great with Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving friends :)