Happy to be working


I wanted to write here today because I needed to, it had been a few weeks, I’ve had some work, and I wanted to write my thoughts about that. I was prepared to write about the zone system, how tough certain shots were at the wedding I assisted on recently (bright sun on the groom’s face, 100% black shadows under the gazebo alter where they got married, 4-5+ stops of light difference), and how Lightroom and RAW were able to save the day in that situation. It probably would have been a decent blog post, and I may write something similar later, but that’s not what’s really on my mind today, I don’t think.

A co-worker of mine is also a photographer and somewhat of a eccentric personality (kind of like she’s on a permanent sugar rush) who I enjoy working with a lot. She was peppering me with questions about my work the other day, what’s my favorite thing to photograph, what’s my passion, etc., and I couldn’t really give her an answer, and I think it finally occurred  to me why today. I don’t really have a specific genre that I love. I love the moment of delivery to the client. I love their excitement and happiness. That is why I enjoy this work. Shooting appeals to me because I get to see people in ways they don’t normally view themselves. Editing appeals to me because I’ve had a computer since I was 9 years old and grew up with the internet as it grew up. Working on a computer is part of who I am, as weird as that sounds. All these things are just part of the awesome process that leads up to delivering the images to the client. I enjoy all the parts of my work, but that is what really makes all the Lightroom adjustments worth it.

I could go on and on about what I do in Lightroom (and it would be boring because other people do other things and their images come out fine and they already have blogs about that) or I could talk about Ansel Adams, but I never met the guy and I only studied him in school. I think his work is amazing and has defined a genre, in much the same way that Anne Geddes defined the newborn photography genre back in the 90’s.

I’m just happy to work doing what I love, regardless of what I’m shooting. Whatever the subject or content is, I just want to photograph it in the best way possible, deliver the highest quality images possible, and have happy clients so I can continue doing that. I’m working. It feels good every time I get to say that. It’s that simple to me.